*Green With Envy: Pottery Barn Office*

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{Photos from Pottery Barn}

Isn’t this Pottery Barn office beautiful? Everything about it is lovely and the green with white is such a nice contrast. Also, the artwork in the background is neat with the Eiffel tower and a tower of books. :) If your desktop is getting a bit out of control like ours, check out the Smart Photo Caddy and Recharger. This awesome organizer will allow you to keep your portable electronics charged while leaving your desktop free of wires. There are also three slots to feature your favorite photos- such a great idea. Finally, if there are a few things on your desk that you constantly need but want to semi- stash away, these cute Book Boxes will do the trick. 

Have a great, productive day!

*Britt & Mon*

*On a Deadline: Gorgeous Clocks*

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{Photos from Chiasso, Crate and Barrel, Wrapables and Room Service Home}


So much to do, so little time. But at least your clock will be a beautiful sight to behold, no matter what! 

These gorgeous clocks are available at the following stores:{From top to bottom} The silver numbers clock is at Chiasso; The colorful cubes clock is at Chiasso; The black numbers clock is at Crate and Barrel; The customizable pink “you and me” clock is at Wrapables; The pretty pearl clock is at Room Service Home; and the funky sunburst clock is at Wrapables. Which clock is your favorite?


Tick Tock! :)


*Britt & Mon*

*Office Must-Haves: Memo Boards and Magnets*

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{Photos from Shabby Vintage Mom’s Etsy, Dragonflies’ Etsy, A Little Bit of Something’s Etsy and Loft Party}


These memo boards and magnets are far from ordinary so they will compliment your Office With a View perfectly! :) How cute are these magnetic memo boards from Shabby Vintage Mom? Her beautiful mix of shabby chic frames and bold patterns and colors will add instant drama (the good kind) to any wall or cubicle. Also, beautiful magnets will finish the look off wonderfully.

You can find the magnets at these stores: {From top to bottom} The scroll magnets are at Dragonflies Etsy Shop; The polka dot magnets are at A Little Bit of Something’s Etsy Shop; The rainbow magnets are at Loft Party; The black and white magnets are at A Little Bit of Something’s Etsy Shop; and the swirl and lines rainbow magnets are at Loft Party.


Wishing you a wonderful, colorful Monday!


*Britt & Mon*