Monday Motivation: Deadlines and The Best We Can Do

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e147d5a1480e5a54ec85e2a3444a77d6 {Via Pinterest.Please let me know if you have the original source link!}

How do you bring out your best work? I’m on a big deadline this week and have applied a couple of strategies to bring success:

1. Set Achievable, Time-Bound Goals (From the S.M.A.R.T. method). I’m a hard worker but struggle to turn things in if they aren’t perfect. So, eventually, I press up against deadlines and have to push myself to give them in… setting smaller achievable goals throughout a larger project helps me to meet the deadline, while being encouraged by the “small wins”of forward motion and progress.

2. “Heads-Down,” off-site “desk-time.” Being an Operations team member, I hear or see needs my office and colleagues have throughout the day and can’t help but attempt to fix things right away. But, when on a big deadline I have to be selfish and keep focused on my own project. So, I block my calendar for an hour or two at a time and work on project sprints, with clear deadlines for myself to complete a significant piece of the project. Much of the time of hunker down at my desk with my fave Pandora station drowning out distractions, or other times I head to Starbucks to get a little boost of caffeine and colleague-free work time. :)

What’s your best strategy for bring out your best work? Pray, do tell!

Monday Motivation: Goal Digger

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Goal Digger

{Via Pinterest.Please let me know if you have the original source link!}

Are you a goal digger? What does that even mean, exactly? To me it means setting goals tenaciously and working toward success of said goals. And I’m not just talking about work goals. :) While shopping at Lululemon this weekend (running and cycling longer and faster are two of my goals this fall), I noticed a vision board for local employees and athletes. Beyond a bulleted list of goals, each person listed out their life vision (no matter how granular) for the upcoming year, and future ten years. It caused me to take pause- beyond my goals for the next year, where am pointing myself for the following five, ten and beyond? Who do I want to be? How do I want to feel?

What is your life vision? Are you a goal digger, too? In the comments below share one big and small goal you have for the next year, and ten years! Then, check out Lululemon’s worksheet here for ideas on how to create your life vision and goals plan. #ReadySetGoals