*Techno Chic Part One: Beautiful Laptop Bags*

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If you’ve looked for a laptop case lately, you may have found that the search can be a bit frustrating. There are so many places to look, but where are all the cute cases? Well, we searched high and low for pretty cases to share with you. Click the photos above to see more and to check for sizes that will be compatible with your laptop. 

Being connected has never been more beautiful!

*Britt & Mon*


{Photos from: 1*Fabrix, 2*2modern, 3*eBags, 4*Wrapables, 5*Wrapables, 6*Go incase, 7*Kailo Chic, 8*Built NY, 9*Apple, 10*CareerBags, 11*CareerBags, 12*CareerBags, 13*CareerBags, 14*Shop4Tech, 15* Amazon}

*Paper Piles~ Meet Pretty Paperweights*

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{Photos from See Jane Work and Red Stamp}


Won’t these pretty paperweights make those stacks of papers on your desk look more inviting? :) Well, maybe “inviting” is a bit much, but at least there will be bright pops of color on your to-do’s. See Jane Work and Red Stamp have gorgeous paperweights that will liven up any desk- even if it’s covered up by papers.

Which one is calling out your name (or first initial)? 

*Britt & Mon*

*Fabulous File Folders*

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{Photos from Paper Source, Galison, Crane & Co., Ballard Designs, and Every Jot and Tittle’s Etsy Shop}

These are WAY better than plain manilla file folders. :) The desktop file organizer is available at Paper Source. The pinwheel file folders are available at Galison. The multi colored polka dot file folders are available at Crane and Co. The Marrakesh file folders are available at Ballard Designs. The file folder labels are from Every Jot and Tittle’s Etsy Shop

Love these!

*Britt & Mon*

*Five. Finds for Friday*

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  {Photos from Ballard Designs, See Jane Work and Violet}                              


One. The most beautiful dictionaries EVER at Ballard Designs 

Two. Perfect weekender bag at Ballard Designs

Three. File (for later) folders by Thomas Paul at See Jane Work

Four. Couture clipboards at Violet

Five. Cute clips at See Jane Work 


Happy Friday!


*Britt & Mon*