Young Pro Budget: Cutting the Cable Cord

As a young pro, l try to watch my budget so I can save up and spend a little on my favorite things. One thing that has continuously irked me over the last few years: my cable bill. $89 monthly in addition to a $40 internet plan = a lot of money over a year. … Continue reading Young Pro Budget: Cutting the Cable Cord

Chic iPad Cases: J.Crew Patterned and Solid

Photos via J.Crew I have an unhealthy obsession with finding pretty cases for my tech products. With my first MacBook, I searched high and low for a chic laptop case. Next came my iPhone... then iPad. So when the Navy Ivory printed iPad Case at J.Crew first stared at me in-store, I was beyond sold. But … Continue reading Chic iPad Cases: J.Crew Patterned and Solid

Just In Case : Kate Spade Phone Cases

 My iPhone is my lifeline. Your phone is too, right? It's perfectly normal? :) My iPhone is with me nearly every moment of the day. I check it from the moment I wake up to tap the snooze button, to the last obsessive E-mail check of the night. So not only does my beloved phone … Continue reading Just In Case : Kate Spade Phone Cases

*Office Desktop- Pretty Backgrounds*

Confession- I have been known to spend inordinate amounts of time searching for the perfect background: for my computer, for my phone (not during office hours-promise). I don't know why but having a pretty desktop background just matters to me, and it's such an easy way to decorate your Office With a View. What about … Continue reading *Office Desktop- Pretty Backgrounds*

*Chic Laptop Bags, Totes and Sleeves*

If you're like me, your laptop is your lifeline. You use it for work, to shop, to keep up with friends, Facebook and more. Naturally, your laptop goes everywhere with you. But have you found the perfect, chic laptop bag for all of your frolicking? It seems like all of the laptop bags out there … Continue reading *Chic Laptop Bags, Totes and Sleeves*