*Happytape: Happy Office*

Oh.My.Goodness. I am loving Happytape. There is something very special about everyday products getting a sassy, funky redo. Enter Happytape with its pretty masking tape options. I am picturing many practical (and maybe even not so practical) uses for these fun tapes. From sealing an important envelope to decorating just about anything (boring cubicle, anyone?) … Continue reading *Happytape: Happy Office*

*Swell Tape*

  The next time you send a package, forget the boring, clear mailing tape. Spice things up with these swell mailing tapes, labels and envelope wraparounds from TapeSwell! Do you want a specific design or color? TapeSwell can even make custom tape! How cool is that?   

*Two’s Company*

Who said tape has to be boring? With damask patterned tape by Two's Company, you might get caught using it needlessly because it is so pretty. But don't worry- that is perfectly fine! I can admit that I totally want to send a random package to a friend just so I can try it out! … Continue reading *Two’s Company*