*Happytape: Happy Office*

Oh.My.Goodness. I am loving Happytape. There is something very special about everyday products getting a sassy, funky redo. Enter Happytape with its pretty masking tape options. I am picturing many practical (and maybe even not so practical) uses for these fun tapes. From sealing an important envelope to decorating just about anything (boring cubicle, anyone?) Happytape is looking like a must for any chic office. Which design are you loving, and how would you use this pretty tape? Do tell!

*Swell Tape*

TapeSwell Tape


The next time you send a package, forget the boring, clear mailing tape. Spice things up with these swell mailing tapes, labels and envelope wraparounds from TapeSwell! Do you want a specific design or color? TapeSwell can even make custom tape! How cool is that? 


*Two’s Company*

Two's Company

Who said tape has to be boring? With damask patterned tape by Two’s Company, you might get caught using it needlessly because it is so pretty. But don’t worry- that is perfectly fine! I can admit that I totally want to send a random package to a friend just so I can try it out! :)