*Contain Yourself: Anthropologie Office Storage*

I *heart* all things Anthro. And chevron. These storage bags from the Mountain Peaks collection by Lovell are simple but fun. I’d love to stash the random items currently hiding under my desk in that round bag! Lovely.

*Storage “Boxes” at Hable Construction*

Hable Construction Storage Boxes

Hable Construction Storage Boxes

I have a confession. In my office there is a cardboard box full of stuff. It is full of things that I can’t really file, but I don’t want to get rid of either. Thus, random documents continue to live in that boring cardboard box in the corner of my office. Well, these  storage “boxes” at Hable Construction would be a much better storage option for me! Better yet, the beaded fabric patterns and fun colors of these fabric boxes are so chic, too. How perfect for any Office With a View!

{Photo: Hable Construction Web site}

*Orla Kiely at Target*

Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely


There is always something fabulous at Target, but what could be better than beautiful and funky accessories by Orla Kiely? These storage totes and crates can be used for so many different things- how practical! But they are so much more fun than cardboard boxes or plain plastic containers. Visit Target to see these items and visit Orla Kiely’s Web site to see the whole collection.

*Compact- Chic Office at Crate & Barrel*

{Photos from Crate & Barrel}


This desk from Crate & Barrel seems like a nice, normal desk. But look closer, because it actually starts out as a 30” cabinet! Made with tight spaces in mind, this ingenious design will fit perfectly into any space. Just slide the top panel and the cabinet becomes a neat and tidy full- size desk! How great is that? Once open, the top of the cabinet becomes a great divided space for holding office supplies. You can even charge your laptop and other electronic devices while enjoying a cord- free desktop. Also, below the desktop storage area is more storage and file cabinet space. And of course, to the right of all of that great storage space is plenty of room to work on the desktop! Talk about convertible, compact *and* chic. This desk is perfect for a tight space, but that doesn’t mean you have to go small on workspace or style!


*Britt and Mon*