Making a List: Moglea’s Lovely and Awesome Notepads

{Via Moglea} Lists. To-Dos. Notes. Stars & Bullets. Priorities for Week Of. To Be Completed By... No matter what is happening in a week, one thing remains the same: I live and die by my priorities list and the S.M.A.R.T. method. One of my favorite notepads for keeping my priorities clear is the "Do Something Awesome" … Continue reading Making a List: Moglea’s Lovely and Awesome Notepads

For Jotting Down Your Grand Plans and Brilliant Ideas: Susy Jack Notepad

Photo via Susy Jack* Do you have Grand Plans for the day ahead? Of course you do! :) With this new three section notepad from Susy Jack*, there's plenty of room to keep up with an ever growing list of to-do's and brilliant ideas. These patterns will also add a pop of fun to any … Continue reading For Jotting Down Your Grand Plans and Brilliant Ideas: Susy Jack Notepad

*Social Media Citation- Knock Knock Notes*

Photo via Knock Knock I work in the social media world. This Social Media Citation Notepad from Knock Knock makes me laugh. A lot.  What crimes have you committed here? While I'm actually fairly vague with personal updates, I'm definitely guilty of what might seem as Liking Stupid Things, Lurking and Overposting (for work :) … Continue reading *Social Media Citation- Knock Knock Notes*

*Sugar Paper- Sweet Stationery*

Isn't letterpress pretty? I love how this process transforms even the simplest piece of paper into something quite beautiful. Sugar Paper makes some of the prettiest letterpress items I have seen, particularly these calendars, note cards and to do lists. If you need a gift idea for me, here you go! Ha, just kidding. But … Continue reading *Sugar Paper- Sweet Stationery*

*Chic Notepads at Linda and Harriett*

Write down notable (and even not-so-notable) thoughts on these chic notepads from Linda and Harriett. The patterns are so cute, from Little Piggies and Mermaid to Zig Zag and Lace. If you are loving these patterns, too, you must also check out Linda and Harriett's stationery! {Photo: Linda and Harriett's Web site}