*Fashion-Forward File Folders*

While your company will likely supply basic manilla file folders and *lovely* brown-green (sarcasm, yes) hanging file folders, it is totally worth a few extra dollars to have attractive files. M by Staples has a collection of fashion forward office accessories including these floral file folders.

*Receiptables Organizer at Knock Knock*

  Stay accountable in style and on-the-go with the Receiptables organizer at Knock Knock. Instead of scrambling to find the receipt for that important reimbursable transaction, keep it all together-really. Stash away receipts, notes and to do's all in one place. At the very least, your accountant will thank you for being so organized! Visit … Continue reading *Receiptables Organizer at Knock Knock*

*Flashy File Folders at Kate’s Paperie

Aren't these german-made document file folders flashy, in a good way? They certainly make a statement, and they are a perfect fit for A4 and letter sized envelopes. Choose from the following color combinations: pink and lilac, red and grey, orange and yellow, and irish and lime. Visit Kate's Paperie for these document folders and much more. {Photo: … Continue reading *Flashy File Folders at Kate’s Paperie

*Wild Thing: Animal Print Office Accessories*

Oh my! Bring out your wild side with these animal print office accessories at Sorting with Style! Your new leopard print legal pad will be far from legalistic, and the zebra file folders- well, they will certainly look striking! Trek over to Sorting With Style for wildly chic office accessories.

*Whitney English=Lovely Things*

It is no secret that we love pretty file folders, but Whitney English makes them lovely. So when we saw these new Whitney English designs, we were overcome with excitement. From patterns like Schyler Plaid to Brown Coco, your filing system deserves a fun spring update from Whitney English.