Gold Foil Notebooks from Sugar Paper

  One in every color, pattern and size please! No matter the content you're scribbling down, these notebooks from Sugar Paper are fabulous. I received the gold cabana stripe notebook from a colleague and it has become my go-to stash of work details. via Sugar Paper  

Making a List: Moglea’s Lovely and Awesome Notepads

{Via Moglea} Lists. To-Dos. Notes. Stars & Bullets. Priorities for Week Of. To Be Completed By... No matter what is happening in a week, one thing remains the same: I live and die by my priorities list and the S.M.A.R.T. method. One of my favorite notepads for keeping my priorities clear is the "Do Something Awesome" … Continue reading Making a List: Moglea’s Lovely and Awesome Notepads

Office Coffee Mugs- Kate Spade and Marimekko

  Do you have a favorite office coffee mug? Mine is a white and gold color-blocked mug from Starbucks that I probably love a little *too* much. So much, so, that I hand-wash it most days so it won't end up in the dishwasher and thus company coffee mugs cabinet... It stresses me out to think someone … Continue reading Office Coffee Mugs- Kate Spade and Marimekko

Jonathan Adler San Francisco

{Photo Source: Office With a View} Oh Jonathan Adler. You know how some brand names just perfectly conjure a sense of style and personality? Jonathan Adler's collection is consistently modern but quirky, colorful and fun(ky).  So, when I had the chance to visit his San Francisco store during my OOO vacation last month, I was … Continue reading Jonathan Adler San Francisco

See Jane Work Office Basics Collection

{Image source: See Jane Work} I need this Office Basics Collection, Stat, from See Jane Work! Desk accessories, file folders, boxes and organizers, and a Susy Jack Pencil cup and notebook, too. Love!