Making a List: Moglea’s Lovely and Awesome Notepads

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Make Today.jpg{Via Moglea}

Lists. To-Dos. Notes. Stars & Bullets. Priorities for Week Of. To Be Completed By…

No matter what is happening in a week, one thing remains the same: I live and die by my priorities list and the S.M.A.R.T. method. One of my favorite notepads for keeping my priorities clear is the “Do Something Awesome” happy jotters from Moglea. The colored edges, the letterpress, oh my, how I love my pink one! The “Make Today Lovely” version is adorable as well. Which chic notepad is your favorite?

1. Happy Jotters Make Today Lovely Peach

2. Happy Jotters Make Today Lovely Lilac

3. Happy Jotters Do Something Awesome Pink

4. Happy Jotters Do Something Awesome Mint

Office Coffee Mugs- Kate Spade and Marimekko

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Do you have a favorite office coffee mug? Mine is a white and gold color-blocked mug from Starbucks that I probably love a little *too* much. So much, so, that I hand-wash it most days so it won’t end up in the dishwasher and thus company coffee mugs cabinet… It stresses me out to think someone else would drink out of it. Ha! Tell me I’m not the only person who feels this attached to a coffee mug? Right? Here are a few others I might be able to convert to- so pretty!

{1. Marimekko via Always Mod}

{2. Via Kate Spade Saturday}

{3. Via Kate Spade Saturday}

{4. Via Kate Spade Saturday}

Jonathan Adler San Francisco

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{Photo Source: Office With a View}

Oh Jonathan Adler. You know how some brand names just perfectly conjure a sense of style and personality? Jonathan Adler‘s collection is consistently modern but quirky, colorful and fun(ky).  So, when I had the chance to visit his San Francisco store during my OOO vacation last month, I was delighted. The store was perfectly covered in JA wares, and I walked around quietly ooh-ing and aww-ing. While the sales staff could have been a bit more friendly (not even a hello, sad face), I will still continue to love Jonathan Adler because you can’t help but smile when looking at his happy housewares and accessories.

And, as luck would have it, my BFF just bought the cutest chevron iPhone case by Jonathan Adler. Love!

Do you have any office accessories or housewares that make you happy?