And Just Like That… We’re Halfway through Another Year

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They always said, “Time moves faster and faster the older you become.” I’m finding it ever true this year. Are you?

It hit me this week, as the fireworks crackled all around and especially when I launched a Q3 project (Q3, guys!) at my desk. 2018 is more than halfway complete. Just like that. Halfway gone. Presto. There were so many things I set out to accomplish in January, 2018. Work goals, personal goals, home improvement and running goals…

As time continues to fritter away, I’m curious about the viability of reaching all some things I set out to do this year. I’ve taken some seriously surprising risks. I’ve celebrated some successes. I’ve failed in many ways, too. I’ve taken three steps forward and five steps backward. But, deep down, I think I believe it’s still possible. One thing I know without a doubt? I’ll keep trying to make progress. Join me?

Believe you can…

Because getting stuff done is productive

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Tomayto, Tomahto…. If you creep up on my desk at any given moment, you could see one of many projects underway. I might be mocking something up in InDesign, or writing up an article in SharePoint. And  you definitely could see this guy on my screen:

Pomodoro Timer

Why is a bright red tomato on my screen, you ask? Great question! Because this guy helps me get. stuff. doooone. And I like that feeling! Don’t you? Since I write and design much of the day, attention to detail is critical. The occasional round of revisions is part of the gig, but I certainly prefer to get it done and right on the first review round.

Enter the Pomodoro Timer, a time management plug-in that makes getting stuff done well, done! Utilizing the Pomodoro Technique, this free timer helps create a pattern of focused work. Work 25 minutes, and then take a break, before launching back into another round of focused work. Pro tip: You can easily silence the ticking feature, in case it makes you a little twitchy, too.

The Pomodoro Technique works for me. What helps you get more stuff done?

Out of Office: Running to Stay Fit and Sane

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After a work day, do you work out? Or does the thought of more activity sound extra exhausting?

For me, I like the simplicity, spontaneity and addictive progression of post-work runs. After sitting in my office chair much of the day focusing on projects, the release of my feet on pavement with no rules and limited technology is pretty much bliss. Except when I bite it (Every season. Every single season) or my dog misbehaves (Squirrel. No seriously, SQUIRREL!). But, another post on that because right now, we’re talking running bliss!

For running motivation, a few ideas that work for me:

  • Find a workout that works for you: Maybe that’s running, maybe that’s not. Try a few options and do what pushes you but is also enjoyable. For me, that’s running.
  • Keep it competitive: Use Nike+ app/watch (I’m obsessed with mine) or another tracker to visualize how far you’re running over time (I’ve been tracking for several years and it’s so cool to compare distance and pace year over year, etc.). You can also join training plans and challenges (run 20 miles this month, fastest 5k, etc.). No, Nike isn’t sponsoring this post, but have your people call my people, ’cause I’d definitely be game. ;)
  • Switch it up: Focus on distance today, speed on the next run, do tempo runs, go all out, do hill repeats, take it easy, etc.
  • Consider a running group for your cross-training days: I’m joining a training group soon since the accountability does make it easier to stay out there especially with the brutal summer heat coming.
  • Set a goal and/or customize a plan with the activities you enjoy most: Obviously if you have a goal race it’s harder to skip runs… I like to step stone especially in the fall with a 5k in late summer, then 10k, 15k, Half Marathon into November. A simple path to get ready for your goal.
  • Tailor that playlist: Music makes all the difference for me. Get your favorite jams ready and then zone out when the run gets tough! Macklemore (clean edit ;)) and Top 40 works for me!
  • Bring a friend – furry or human.  Here’s my Hudson taking a quick breather after our three mile loop.


What works for you? Pray, do tell.