Making a List: Moglea’s Lovely and Awesome Notepads

Make Today.jpg{Via Moglea}

Lists. To-Dos. Notes. Stars & Bullets. Priorities for Week Of. To Be Completed By…

No matter what is happening in a week, one thing remains the same: I live and die by my priorities list and the S.M.A.R.T. method. One of my favorite notepads for keeping my priorities clear is the “Do Something Awesome” happy jotters from Moglea. The colored edges, the letterpress, oh my, how I love my pink one! The “Make Today Lovely” version is adorable as well. Which chic notepad is your favorite?

1. Happy Jotters Make Today Lovely Peach

2. Happy Jotters Make Today Lovely Lilac

3. Happy Jotters Do Something Awesome Pink

4. Happy Jotters Do Something Awesome Mint

Your Thoughts, Pretty Please!

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