Monday Motivation: Action Plan

Office with a View Monday Motivation Plan Action{Image via Pinterest. Please let me know if you have the original source link!}

How do you set your plans into action? One of my favorite company accountability tools is the W.I.N. method (What’s Important Now). Each week I live by my “W.I.N”s.  How do you prioritize the week? Right now, try thinking about the three most important focus items that you need to make progress on this week. Write those down or print them out… then live by them through Thursday. Prior to Close of Business on Thursday, review what you accomplished during the week, and re-write your W.I.N. for the following work week. You might be surprised how much (or how little, eek, if other distractions won out) you accomplished… now you know What’s Important Now!


Your Thoughts, Pretty Please!

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