Chic iPad Cases: J.Crew Patterned and Solid

Photos via J.Crew

I have an unhealthy obsession with finding pretty cases for my tech products. With my first MacBook, I searched high and low for a chic laptop case. Next came my iPhone… then iPad. So when the Navy Ivory printed iPad Case at J.Crew first stared at me in-store, I was beyond sold. But it was Christmas time, and I had already guiltily gifted a few things to myself (oops- I’m not alone, right? :) ). As luck would have it, that chic iPad case ended up in my stocking and I was beyond thrilled and thanful. If you’re looking for a nice but well priced iPad case for yourself (would make a great gift too), J.Crew currently has several in Final Sale!

2 thoughts on “Chic iPad Cases: J.Crew Patterned and Solid

  1. Monica says:

    Hi Mia! That is correct, I have the Navy Ivory case and it does cover the back of the iPad only. I actually started with a front case only: the Apple Smart Cover ( I wanted to protect the back side as well, so I love the J. Crew cases for covering the back, and it also acts as a bumper covering the front edges as well. Hope that helps! Happy shopping. :)


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