*Office With a View: Oh So Overdue*

Oh how I’ve neglected you! It seems my IRL Office With a View has kept me very busy over the last year. I miss my online office, though, and here’s to 2011 and making time to share here. :) What have you been loving lately? What’s new in your Office With a View?

*In the last year I’ve sat at three desks (and we’re about to move to a new space-yay!)

*I finally found a pretty desk calendar and I love it! That Outlook calendar just wasn’t doing it for me.

*I’ve decided that the only thing that’s constant is not knowing what’s next. But that’s OK.  :)

*I’ve realized how lucky I am to have a great office family. We work hard and ocassionally have our moments and fire drills. But we make it work and have fun in a space that is always evolving. Never a dull moment for sure.

What’s been happening at your Office With a View? Hope all is well!

Your Thoughts, Pretty Please!

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