*Receiptables Organizer at Knock Knock*

Receiptables at Knock Knock
Knock Knock Receiptables


Stay accountable in style and on-the-go with the Receiptables organizer at Knock Knock. Instead of scrambling to find the receipt for that important reimbursable transaction, keep it all together-really. Stash away receipts, notes and to do’s all in one place. At the very least, your accountant will thank you for being so organized! Visit Knock Knock for fun office accessories and stationery.

{Photo: Knock Knock’s Web site}

One thought on “*Receiptables Organizer at Knock Knock*

  1. Ft lauderdale office furniture says:

    I think organization if key to a great office. I love the products mentioned above, but for anyone just moving into an office space, or looking for a major change to their ‘ 9-5,’ the company I used to design the layout of my office was irreplaceable. I could have never chosen furniture and placed it in the way that they did; they made my office ‘work.’


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