Being Eco- Chic is a Delight*


Eco-Chic at Delight.con

Eco-Chic at Delight


Happy Earth Day! While it may be difficult to always make eco-friendly choices (we just can’t shake our love for SUV’s!), we can take baby steps into being eco-friendly and chic everyday with items like these at!


1) Today is the perfect excuse to find a reusable shopping bag like these by Envirosaks. Not only are they cute, they also hold way more items than those plastic counterparts at the grocery store. 2) Do you secretly still love smencils (scented pencils :) )? Check out these fun colored pencils that are made from recycled newspapers! 3) Have you heard of Ecojet? This is a stationery company that makes 100% recycled products! 4) Opt out of plastic water bottles and use a cool, toxin-free water bottle like these stainless steel Kleen Kanteens. 


Who knew being eco-friendly could be so chic, too?

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