*Pretty Yet Protective Laptop Case*

{Photos From Built}

Recently, I (Mon) was searching high and low for a *pretty* yet protective case for my beloved Macbook. I quickly found out that most laptop cases were not designed with the fashionable girl in mind. Still, I refused to give in to the status quo of blah cases. May this be a reminder that good things come to those who wait (but don’t wait too long!) :) Built has great laptop sleeves, and many other protective products for that matter, that feature vibrant patterns and unique material.

So much fun!

*Britt & Mon*

2 thoughts on “*Pretty Yet Protective Laptop Case*

  1. thinkpadt61 says:

    We’re having problems with the thinkpad cases we’ve been supplying. The stitching is unravelling. Looking for feedback on good quality cases suitable for thinkpad laptops. Thanks


  2. officewithaview says:

    Hi thinkpad61,

    Thanks for visiting our site. Personal opinion, but we are obviously fans of builtny.com’s laptop cases because they are attractive and made out of neoprene which is ultra protective. They come in a variety of sizes (12 in., 15 in., 15 in. wide, and 17 in.) and I assume one will fit Thinkpad laptops. You might also check Amazon for reviews on Built and other laptop cases. Case Logic has a lot of cases on there, among others. Good luck finding a great, protective case!

    *Britt & Mon*


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