Because getting stuff done is productive

Tomayto, Tomahto.... If you creep up on my desk at any given moment, you could see one of many projects underway. I might be mocking something up in InDesign, or writing up an article in SharePoint. And  you definitely could see this guy on my screen: Why is a bright red tomato on my screen, you ask? Great … Continue reading Because getting stuff done is productive

Out of Office: Running to Stay Fit and Sane

After a work day, do you work out? Or does the thought of more activity sound extra exhausting? For me, I like the simplicity, spontaneity and addictive progression of post-work runs. After sitting in my office chair much of the day focusing on projects, the release of my feet on pavement with no rules and limited … Continue reading Out of Office: Running to Stay Fit and Sane

Office With a View (and) On the Move

What are your weekend guilty pleasures? Mine? Magazines, Pinterest and Netflix! This weekend my thoughts were focused on the future... I'm planning to buy a house in the upcoming months! The process has been enlightening thus far as a first-time buyer. I've learned that fixer-uppers are surprisingly complicated to finance. I've "lost" a house in my ideal location to … Continue reading Office With a View (and) On the Move

Gold Foil Notebooks from Sugar Paper

  One in every color, pattern and size please! No matter the content you're scribbling down, these notebooks from Sugar Paper are fabulous. I received the gold cabana stripe notebook from a colleague and it has become my go-to stash of work details. via Sugar Paper  

Lovely Digital Wallpaper from Kate Spade New York

Looking for a lovely digital wallpaper to refresh your tech? Kate Spade New York has several fab florals, feathers, animal prints... Which is your fave? I'm digging the leopard print (pale pink, polka dot-ish, what's not to love?). Via Behind the Curtain from Kate Spade New York